What makes Hammond Studios Different?

To discover what makes a Hammond Studios wedding film so unique, you must first understand that each and every film is the work of one artist, the man behind the camera - Edwin Hammond.

Edwin’s wedding films aren’t cheap and they aren’t for every bride. While they require an investment, Edwin’s clients receive an artistic return on their investment - a craftsman style wedding film that will affect viewers emotionally for decades to come.

You are investing in Edwin’s skills and experience to deliver a first class wedding film that will stand toe to toe with the best in the industry.

You are investing in peace of mind on your wedding day knowing that your memories are in the hands of a talented craftsman with over 250 weddings under his belt.

There are only a limited number of weddings he will shoot each year. Each one must count. Crafting each wedding film involves an incredible amount of creative energy, so limiting the number of weddings each year means more energy and focus on your film.

Edwin is a craftsman, an artist and he will provide you with a priceless keepsake of your wedding day.

As each wedding is unique and each couple's needs are different, instead of pre-selected wedding packages, we prepare custom proposals for each of our prospective couples.

Please contact us today in order to have a customized proposal with pricing information prepared for you.

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