Hear from the newlyweds themselves.

Every moment, from the grand to the intimate, is captured with such care and unobtrusiveness that you won't even remember the camera was there in the first place. Watch the testimonial video and read the testimonials to see how we honor and respect our clients.

More Testimonials

"You have a God given talent that allows you to translate the deepest emotions that people feel into video format...true talent! I love the video and will forever be grateful for your work!! I love it so much!" - Paige

"Edwin captured all the great moments of our special day without being so intrusive with our guests. Everybody that saw the final video kept saying that they felt as if they were watching a great movie." - Grisel

Edwin met and exceeded my expectations in every way! His professionalism was superb and I appreciated how he worked so well with our photographer." - Tashawn

"The video was amazing! Best money we spent on our wedding by far!" - Jessica

"The wedding video he created for us was breathtaking and beautifully mastered. You could really see the talent, quality and skill that he put into it to make it perfect!" - Meghan

"Edwin exceeded our expectations in every way. He answered all of my questions promptly and professionally. He was completely inconspicuous, but he captured every single moment. If I'd known he was going to be so incredible, I would have paid for more!" - Erin

"He made the video not only look like a fairy tale wedding, but he also captured the “feel” of it as well! I was extremely impressed with the way he choreographed the video with music and such detail!" - Meghan